Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Step by Step for a Past Life Regression session

Past Life Regression Therapy (PLRT) has been around for a few decades now but many are discovering it now, courtesy the new age shift of 2012. There is so much material available on the net as well as in books about why and how this therapy is helpful. In this article, I would rather focus on the technique of regression and how is a typical past life regression session structured, at Healing Cottage.

Past Life Regression Session at Healing Cottage

Here are the steps involved in a typical regression session with me

  1. Forming the Intent: The client is asked for their topmost concern at the conscious level. Regression sessions work on intent so one has to decide which past life they’d like to visit. If there is a very specific concern at the conscious level, it’s advisable to go with the intent of resolving that through a past life. In all cases where there is too much to be resolved or there is lack of clarity or the client has spiritual reasons for looking into their past, it is advisable that the intent is “whichever past life my sub-conscious mind wishes to resolve to give me maximum help / resolution in this moment”. It works pretty accurately.
  2. The client is explained that the session could last for 3-4 hrs, less or more because it will depend on the guidance coming through and as much their sub-conscious would be ready to resolve in this moment.
  3. The client is then hypnotized  starting with a small prayer to invoke their spirit guides & guardian angels to help during the session.
  4. The hypnosis used for regressions is light. The idea is to put them deep enough to experience their past lives but not lose any memory of what they experienced, their conscious mind will be there in the background but the foreground will be the sub-conscious. They have complete control of their body & the session and yet they allow the therapist to guide them through their sub-conscious, in complete trust & awareness.
  5. Once entered into a Past Life scene, the client is guided through the life in a step by step manner where each unresolved memory is explored.
  6. Once the past life is completely traversed, the person is taken to the spirit world where they meet their spirit guide. They are guided by their guides for the next steps. Sometimes, the guides also take them through multiple past lives.
  7. Then each past life is individually resolved and each stuck memory is super-imposed with a transformed memory. This is a very creative way of doing therapy & only a very skilled therapy can help in releasing all the stuck energy at this level.
  8. Once everything is resolved and there is no more the sub-conscious has in queue for processing, we are signaled to end the session.
  9. The session is ended with an energy scan for any unresolved energy to be released while the client is still in trance.
  10. Gratitude is expressed to the spirit guide & all divine energies helping the session & the client is brought out of the session.

It is very important to have absolute trust & surrender to have a successful go at a regression session. Reaching a skilled therapist is also a pre-condition. For a complete resolution, one may need a few sessions since many concerns could stem from multiple past lives. For more details, please refer to the link at http://www.healingcottage.in/past_life_regression.html

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