Friday, April 26, 2013

Link between Diseases & Emotions

Many will wonder what am I talking about. How is a back ache or a knee pain or diabetes related to any emotions? They are just caused due to malfunctioning in the body...isn’t it?

Well, firstly, this article isn’t to question the role of any medical practitioners or the way diseases are treated till now. I completely appreciate the role of medicine in accurately and timely dealing with diseases, disorders and accidents of any kind. The area which I want to explore here is, from a soul point of view, working on the principle that we are actually spirits in a human experience, why do we invite / attract diseases to our body in the first place.

The first thing to understand is that at the sub-conscious or the soul level, nothing happens as a coincidence and the idea is never to make us suffer. We do attract suffering in our lives because on the subtle level, we only have created beliefs / thought patterns from our past, including from childhood and past lives that suffering is the way to evolve. If we are happy on this planet, it is a beautiful planet and we enjoy and never look inwardly. There would be no need. Hence, our energies in order to attract our attention and distract us from the beauty of the outside world, instead to focus on the soul’s journey, brings in suffering. Suffering of any kind then pulls all our focus inwardly.

Mostly, suffering first comes in the form of emotions and when they are long ignored and not dealt with, they move to the lowest vibration, the physical body. Once something appears in our physical body, it’s difficult to ignore it. Even when some disease is dealt with through medicine or surgery at the physical level, if the emotions are still prevalent or the life situation / relationship exists which created those in the first place, it’s likely the person will have relapse or another subsequent disease to vent these emotions. In addition to dealing with the stuff at the physical level, for permanent relief, I suggest also working on the emotions, mental thought patterns & karma associated with any concern at the sub-conscious level. This approach not only brings about transformation at many levels for the person but opens their path to last peace and happiness within by lightening their soul.

Past Life Regression Therapy (PLRT) and SS(Serenity Surrender), both are very effective therapies to help resolve the layers at the sub-conscious / soul level to brings about resolutions to physical ailments also. Through these therapies, the physical ailment may or may not completely go, it will need treatment at the physical level through medicine but eradication of the subtle energies or root cause for the same will help deal with it at the grass root level.

For more details on how emotions and body are linked, please read through this link

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