Friday, February 22, 2013

TRUST & SURRENDER are the key!

I saw this visual in a healing yesterday...was too beautiful & touching so thought I will share

A guy(saw an energy form) was walking alone on a path. He seemed lost. The creator comes to him in the form of another energy form and asks him "where are you heading?". He says "I don't know". The creator says, then let me guide you for I know these paths well. So he follows. Now for a while the creator is walking ahead and the guy is following. In a while, the guy stops and asks "Hey, do you know where are we heading?". The creator looks back and says, "I don't know yet but I believe I'll know". The guy sulks and says "Oh, so I guess you also don't know" and he diverts to a different path.

The interesting observation I made here was, when our own lack of trust on self is triggered, is the moment when we must trust the universe the most but maybe that is the challenge since those are moments in which we usually retrace our steps & loose our path.

By Minal Arora

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